Construction During the Rainy Season

Calgary and Alberta are notoriously known for drastic weather changes in the blink of an eye. Thus far, the weather has been warm and sunny; however, ominous clouds are a reminder that thunder showers are on the way. Read this week’s blog for tips to keep you and your employees safe from rainy wet conditions.

Waterproof Gear

Superman has his cape and construction workers have their protective gear. It might not be as cool as a cape, but protective items such as raincoats and waterproof footwear are essential on rainy days. Rain also means that the weather is going to be cooler. Dressing in layers will help protect you from catching a chill or a cold.

Slippery When Wet

We see these signs every time the mall has been mopped, but slippery conditions caused by rain on construction sites are at an entirely different level of danger. The slightest amount of rain can make walkways, roofs and scaffolding very slippery. There are slip resistant boots and footgear on the market, they won’t necessarily guarantee that you won’t fall, but they do reduce the risk greatly.

Thunder & Lightning

As we mentioned, construction workers are super tough but Mother Nature can really test them! During thunderstorms, you and your colleagues should be cautions of exposed steel structures and cranes which can become impressive lightning rods. On a similar note, wet weather increases the chances of dangerous live wires. You should always be cautious around live wires, but you should have heightened awareness and alert others to electrical cables that can become live during rainy days.

It would take a major meteorological event to stop Alberta’s superhero construction workers. Building skyscrapers and making our skylines a work of art is a team effort and that train rarely stops. At Align Staffing we have been providing the construction industry with hardworking and talented employees for the past 12 years. If you’re looking for jobs in Alberta's construction industry, contact Align Staffing today.

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